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Together Our Impact Grows Larger: Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders

Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders

Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders

Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders
Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders

Our Family Tree of Partners & Funders

We've been doing this work since 2005, and we wouldn't be here without our extensive branching network of incredible and compassionate Partners and Funders. Together, we span numerous sectors where work and care is needed to support and rebuild healthy communities. We are thankful everyday for the results we are able to produce as a result of this incredible teamwork, in the pursuit and implementation of initiatives that reduce crime, improve the lives of area residents, and build up the health of the community.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Celebrate Summer at Eden Night Live,

Friday, July 28, 4-8PM, Hayward Adult School

Our next ENL is July 28th!

ENL is DSAL’s FREE, monthly, family-friendly placemaking event to celebrate the arts, culture, food, recreation, small business, and community!

The Hayward Adult School parking lot transforms into a safe place for kids to play, adults to connect, nonprofits to share resources, and performers and small businesses to reach new audiences.

The Sunset Futsal Park will be open for free, after-hours, recreational soccer, with no pre-registration required.

This month's ENL will feature:


DC Dance Center welcomes all abilities and ages to learn how to dance. See what they have to offer at our upcoming ENL and by visiting their website.



Eden Night Live Includes:

∙ Music

∙ Dancing

∙ Futsal

∙ Food from local vendors

∙ Games for all ages

∙ Group art projects

∙ Resource fair

David Smith

Dig Deep Farms Update:

David Smith Joins the DSAL Team!

Congratulations to our Warehouse Receiving Specialist David Smith on his well-deserved recognition of the Resilience and Determination HERO award!

Your hard work, selfless dedication, and beyond exceptional contributions to the community, the DDF Food Hub, and YOURSELF have set a remarkable example for all!

Our Dig Deep Farms and Food Hub team work around the clock to provide fresh, nutritious local produce for our Food As Medicine program as well as filling up seasonal CSA bags for our community to purchase and enjoy!

Learn more and support this community program by purchasing yours today through our All In Eats online portal!

Campers posing for a photo at Golf Camp

Partner Spotlight:

Corica Park's Greenway Golf

This summer, DSAL's partner Greenway Golf facilitated a golf camp for 21 local youth free of cost. Our campers were provided transportation and golf instruction through Corica Park's On The Green Initiative.

Greenway leverages golf as a vehicle for change. Their goal is for the sport they love to culturally and socio-economically reflect today’s world. They are also reimagining land use beyond golf for meaningful benefit. Corica Park’s On The Green Initiative seeks to integrate golf courses into the wider community by removing hurdles that limit access and opening doors to opportunities that the sport and the space can nurture. Learn more about their equity-focused pillars here.

Their creative programming and land use diversification efforts include On The Green Golf & Play Summer Camp, offered at no cost, including food and transportation to underserved East Bay youth, free leagues and practice access intended to support inclusive, competitive play, complimentary space use for non-profits and special events promoting local small businesses, healthy living and other forms of recreation.

The feedback we have received from the parents of our participants has been positive, and appreciative of the opportunity.

"Kids feel welcomed, the coaches are very friendly & supportive. It’s an over all great environment."

"Thank you so much for giving my children an opportunity to learn and play golf. Joaquin and Emiliano often share with me and others that the golf camp has been the highlight of their summer break!"

Chef Marisa

DSAL’s Small Business Spotlight:

Cook & Run's 2nd year providing Summer Meals

Our Small Business Spotlight is on Marisa Gittens with Cook & Run Catering.

This is Marisa's second year at the Food Hub, providing much needed Summer Meals with Oakland Unified School District. Her business also makes a practice of hiring less fortunate interns to give them a much needed and heartwarming boost.

“We offer private chef and catering services to our Bay Area community. Plan a momentous dinner for you and that special someone, or a birthday dinner with your closest friends, our passionate chefs are here to create exciting menus that are sure to make your event a memorable one.”

— Chef Marisa

Find our more about Cook & Run on their website or in our Food Hub Magazine!

Kinte Lyles Jr

OJT Spotlight: Kinte Lyles Jr

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards someone who has made a huge impact in our organization by giving back to the community. His name is Kinte Lyles Jr, and he has been one of our on-the-job trainees for the past six months. Despite facing numerous hardships, including being formerly incarcerated and almost losing his arm in a car accident, Kinte has always maintained a positive attitude and a willingness to help his co-workers with a smile on his face. His leadership skills and ability to overcome adversity have truly inspired the team, and I am grateful for the example he sets for others. Thank you so much, Kinte, for all that you do and for inspiring others to keep going no matter what challenges they may face.

- Kimberly Thomas Director of Dig Deep Farms Food Hub

Maria Armas with her boxing gloves on, smiling

Boxing & Fitness Participant Maria Armas

is DSAL’s Athlete of the Month

Maria is a dedicated athlete who never misses a day of training and consistently arrives on time with a positive attitude. Her friendly demeanor and disciplined approach contribute to the positive atmosphere of the class. She has made steady progress and growth in various areas including physical fitness and mental toughness. Seeing her dedication and hard work, I feel proud to have her in my class.

- Minji Brahaney

"The Boxing classes have been positive, giving me an excellent workout routine that keeps me active and moving. It's one of the main ways that I am staying healthy and in shape. Every day is different and we're learning new things - some of them I would've never thought I would be able to do, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I do.

I have noticed a lot of positive changes to my body and lifestyle. I used to only do Zumba as a way to stay active, but with the Boxing program, I've learned a lot about my body, and I've moved in ways I never have done before. So far, I haven't had any challenges with the program because I really like things that are challenging, and this program really pushes you throughout the workout.

By providing a gym facility and good coaching services, the program encourages individuals to stay out of trouble, by engaging in physical activity and adopting healthier habits. The officers help to ensure that the gym is a safe environment and prevent any potential criminal activity.”

- Maria Armas


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