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Food as Medicine is an integrative model of healthcare that uses food as medicine to address food insecurity, chronic health conditions, and racial equity and health.

Food As Medicine is designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, reduce food insecurity, and address the underlying social determinants of health. Food as Medicine goes beyond dietary health and targets improvement in diet-related health outcomes and reduction in the incidence of depression and social isolation. 

We currently partner with community-based health clinics to screen patients across all specialties for food insecurity, social isolation, and diet-related conditions or risk. Providers are trained on food as medicine best practices and provide prescriptions for multiple doses of fresh produce to patients.


Community members are enrolled by their provider into the 16-week Food as Rx/Incentive Program that combines behavioral health medical visit programs and access to free produce. Due to COVID, we have transitioned from an in-clinic Farmacy model to a home delivery model. Our team of paid job trainees deliver farm fresh produce directly to patients' homes across the bay area.


Our Food as Medicine program is supported by the Alameda County Health Care Alliance and federal GUSNIP grant funding.  We are working with ALL IN Alameda County Recipe for Health and a growing number of local clinics.

Need help?  Give us a call.   Food as Rx: (510)-989-2062

Cooking with Dig Deep link to recipe book

Need inspiration for how to cook healthy meals with a variety of fresh produce? 
Check out our Dig Deep Farms Recipe Cards!

For questions about our Food as Medicine project, or if you are a patient or provider with questions about delivery of produce, please contact our Farmacist at (510) 383-6873.

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