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Healthy food is medicine. 

​Founded in 2010, Dig Deep Farms is a social-enterprise program that grows and distributes healthy food in the Alameda County communities of Ashland, Cherryland, and San Leandro. Our goal is to improve health and wellbeing in the Eden Area by creating jobs, reducing recidivism through re-entry internships and making nutrient-dense, fresh, locally grown food accessible to all.

We currently have about 100 acres of urban farm space over 6 sites for production purposes.  These sites are comprised of four farms in Ashland, including a 500 fruit-tree orchard and vegetable plantings at City View Farm, one farm in Fremont, and another farm in Union City. 

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Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call: 


Food as Rx: (510)-989-2062

Commercial Kitchen: (510) 504-4066

DDF Food Recovery: (510) 850-9531 

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