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Alameda County is safest with competitive soccer. 

The Deputy Sheriff's Activities League provides a free, open-to-all recreational soccer program that serves youth ages 4-18. Players will have the opportunity to make friends, develop their soccer skills and build confidence with the guidance of our caring coaches. Teams and leagues are formed according to age, skill level and location to make transportation easier on families and build a focal point of community for each neighborhood.  

Through an innovative partnership with Alameda County and Sheriff's FC (Nor Cal's only free competitive soccer club) our recreation program provides players and their families to access DSAL services, and tryout for a competitive team at no cost. 

DSAL Soccer is located in the Ashland-Cherryland-Hayward areas.


Soccer, and DSAL's entire recreational health and fitness catalogue, is a vital component in our goal to develop a new model of public safety and reinvest in our least served communities.


We provide safe, inclusive soccer programs and the development of sporting fields and complexes in the unincorporated areas of Ashland and Cherryland and addresses a dramatic lack of sporting opportunities. The strategic and careful investment into play, recreation and health works in concert with DSAL's alike community inputs to build a safer Alameda County according to the Community Capitals Public Safety Framework. 

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