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Alameda County is safest when we move. 


The Ashland REACH Youth Center is a safe space for youth and families to find health, fitness and community. In collaboration with the Center for Health Schools and Communities (CHCS) (a division of the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency), we're helping build community that develop lifelong wellness, social justice and leadership. 

​At the LIFT, DSAL's gym space, our caring staff offers a wide variety of personalized and group weight training/exercise programs for youth 11-24 years old. Whether it's your first time in a gym, or you're an experienced athlete, we offer a safe and fun place to come and work toward your fitness goals. 


In addition to the indoor gym space, we also offer and encourage participation in outdoor activities and offer kickball, soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, and other fitness activities.

Location: LIFT (REACH - Ashland Youth Center) 16335 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94578


REACH Community Center, the LIFT fitness gym and DSAL's ongoing wellness program offerings continue to provide a safe haven and focal point of community for our neighbors in Ashland and Cherryland, despite a dramatic lack of safe community spaces. 


DSAL's commitment to REACH and future development of infrastructure projects that build community, safe spaces according to the Community Capitals Framework, create a new vision of public safety: one where crime is deterred by opportunity and support. 


Our strategic and careful investment into community center and wellness works in concert with other DSAL programs that provide for the basic needs of our community and build a safer Alameda County. 

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