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DSAL is thrilled to announce the return of Eden Night Live (ENL) on the fourth Friday of every month at the Hayward Adult School, weather permitting. This is a free event.  

ENL is DSAL’s monthly, family-friendly, placemaking event to celebrate the arts, culture, food, recreation, small business, and community!

The Hayward Adult School parking lot will be transformed into a safe place for kids to play, adults to connect, neighbors to meet, nonprofits to share resources, and performers and small businesses to reach new audiences. We’ll also open the new Sunset Futsal Park for free, after-hours, recreational soccer.

ENL features:

  • Futsal at the new Sunset Futsal Courts

  • Music and dancing

  • Food vendors

  • Games for all ages

  • Group art projects

  • Resource fair

ENL is a key element of DSAL’s Community Capitals Public Safety model to improve safety outcomes through a continuous effort to listen, problem solve, and improve until the system shifts for the betterment of the residents and the community. Eden Night Live explores the role the arts and artistic activities play in strengthening our communities.

Fundamentally, Community Capitals Public Safety is not just about safety; it’s also about long overdue systems changes to create neighborhoods where youth, adults, and families can thrive. Bringing people together to socialize, inspire each other, rejuvenate their surroundings, and effect change is one of the most important things we do.


ENL was designed to:

Eden Night Live is held every 4th Friday (weather permitting)
3 - 7pm, at the
Sunset Futsal Courts @ Hayward Adult School


3/24/23     3 - 7 pm

Eden Night Live Returns!
Join us on the Fourth Friday of each month at the Hayward Adult School, the home of the brand new,free-to-play Sunset Futsal Park!

Eden Night LIve Flyer.jpg


Funded by: Dept. of Justice

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