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DSAL's Eden Area Business Collective partners with the Castro Valley Eden Area Chamber of Commerce to focus on supporting local BIPOC businesses in Ashland and Cherryland to create a sustainable, thriving economy. We are continuing to promote a new vision of public safety by fostering relationships with community members as well as providing monetary support, professional development opportunities and partnership development for businesses that serve the community. 

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Our initiatives throughout DSAL (Dig Deep Farms, Recreation, Community Placemaking, etc.) and the partnership with CVEA Chamber, allow us to serve a wide range of industries ranging from realtors and personal services, to restaurants and barbershops. 

Dig Deep Farm's Circular Food Economy, Commercial Kitchen Incubator and Urban Farm initiatives provide businesses with local produce and a place to sustainably grow their business. This system continues to shape the Eden Area economy and reinvests every dollar spent, back in the Ashland and Cherryland Communities. 

For more information or to receive resources from the Eden Area Business Collective, please contact Josephine Taylor at


Alameda County families are struggling to put food on the table. Following the pandemic and the collapse of many small businesses, beloved restaurants closed and left thousands unemployed. 

Enter, Chefs for the People. Since September 2020, CFTP has delivered tens of thousands of healthy, culturally appropriate meals to needy families, employed a kitchen with diverse lived experience, and purchased many thousands of pounds of food from community farmers a stone’s throw from the West Oakland BART station. Run by two foodservice leaders with substantial nonprofit and instructional experience, and managed by a chef in recovery, CFTP has delivered nearly two times the meals their existing funders have expected for the money. 



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