Dig Deep Farms currently operates four farms and provides daily relief for those experiencing food insecurity.  


Our newest farm, Food Hub Farm is located in the San Leandro Hills and has been open since January 2020. Firehouse and Pacific Apparel Farms are located in the flatlands, and City View Farm resides in the hills of San Leandro.


We first began to grow vegetables on the Firehouse parcel, located next to Alameda County Firehouse #3, at 1432 164th Avenue, in Ashland.


The Firehouse parcel is one of our most productive farm spaces and is a result of the generosity of the Alameda County Fire Department.

The impact of the Firehouse parcel has cascaded into the creation of three additional DSAL farms and continues to provide our least served with healthy, balanced food.

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We grow vegetables at our Pacific Apparel parcel, located in Ashland behind the Pacific Apparel Clothing Store located on East 14th Street at the corner of 163rd Avenue.


The Pacific Apparel parcel started out as a forgotten gravel-filled piece of land, covered with tall weeds. In our first planting season, with the help of the Hayward Area Recreation District, we turned the uninhabitable area into a thriving vegetable garden complete with raised beds. 


This site is made possible by the generosity of the owners of Pacific Apparel.

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City View is located on land owned by Alameda County in the San Leandro hills next to Camp Sweeney, an Alameda County Juvenile Justice facility.


In collaboration with the Alameda County General Services Agency, the Alameda County Sheriffs’ Office and the Alameda County Probation Department, Dig Deep Farms cultivates about 8 acres of grassland next to Camp Sweeney. 


A Community Development Block Grant from the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department funded the build-out of City View Farm, that now is now home to over 500 fruit trees and a wide variety of seasonal crops.



Our newest farm, the Dig Deep Farms Food Hub, is located on Alameda County land in the San Leandro Hills.


The Food Hub has been open since January 2020, and has become a a focal point to combat food insecurity during COVID-19. 


As a home to a thriving chicken coop, we also grow wildflowers, herbs and healthy seasonal produce.   

You can learn more about the Food Hub here. 

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