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Alameda County is safest when we dance. 

¡Muévete! is a unique fitness class that combines dance, yoga, stretching and weights. Set to music from across Latin America, it’s an hour of non-stop movement suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Participants find a caring, supportive community built on mutual respect and accountability to reach personal goals. No registration necessary. Show up and get ready to ¡Muévete!

Morning classes @ Hayward Adult School. - Mon - Fri at 8:30 AM

Special ED Students @ Hayward Adult School. Mon, Wed, Thu at 9:30 AM - (HAS students only)

Morning classes at Ashland Youth Center ( Reach ) Mon- thu at 10:40 AM

Evening classes at Hayward Adult School. Tue, Wed, Thu at 6:00PM

Hayward Adult School is located at 22100 Princeton St, Hayward, CA 94541


¡Muévete! has created an undeniably supportive community built on movement and fun for both youth and adults. The open-attendance policy encourages new community members to join and allows beginners to find a pace that will help them reach their individual wellness goals. 

With movement and relationships at the center of ¡Muévete!, DSAL is building lifelong wellness habits and community-based support system for the unincorporated areas that have a dramatic lack of free exercise options.  

¡Muévete! has created an intergenerational and culturally representative support system that builds community cohesion, creates strong ties between neighbors and builds community ownership. 

The ¡Muévete! model stewards in the next group of young leaders and bridges the gap between community and DSAL resources. 

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