Our commercial kitchen can be rented on a single-use basis for cooking/food production, packaging, or events/demonstrations, including personal cooking classes or group test kitchens. We have 9 rentable tables with 2 stations: (Main Line vs. Prep). Each reservation can accommodate the following: 

  • Personal key for 24-hour access

  • Use of the kitchen and refrigeration, freezer, and dry storage units 

  • Access to the following equipment: chafers for onsite events, Sterno fuels, speed racks, bus boards, and utility carts. Renters should bring their own knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, can openers and other smallware and cooking supplies.

  • Invitations to quarterly Food Hub entrepreneur meetings - to engage in networking, planning and community-building

  • Access to private and public catering events 

  • Help attaining catering permits, food handler certificates, and more 

  • Help planning profitable paid events at the Food Hub, like cooking classes, Airbnb experiences, and more. (We can even help you market your event if you don’t already have an audience)

  • ”Ghost Kitchen” assistance (allowing you to debut your creations on food delivery platforms such as UberEats, Grubhub, & Doordash) 

  • Consultation on staging your culinary work 

  • Free parking and free wifi

Our Commercial Kitchen is located within the Dig Deep Farms Food Hub - located at 2700 Fairmont Drive in San Leandro.


To schedule a tour or to rent kitchen time, contact DDF Food Hub Kitchen Manager Kim Thomas at (510) 820-4553 or

Food Hub Layout


MAIN LINE Station 1

  • 4 gas burners w/ faucet kettle pot filler​

  • SPACIOUS prep table w/ sink and under table 

  • Planetary mixer (4 fixed speed) stainless steel 

  • 1 double deck conventional full size gas oven

  • 2 hanging outlet hookups. 


MAIN LINE Station 2

  • 6 gas burners

  • 1 conventional full size gas oven

  • SPACIOUS Prep table w/ sink and under table 

  • 1 combi oven 

  • Tilting skillet w/ 2 floor troughs 

  • 1 gas Stock Pot Range (Stock pot not included) w/ faucet kettle filler

  • 2 hanging outlet hookups


MAIN LINE Station 3

  • Convenience to conventional full size gas oven

  • Convenience to main line items 

  • Prep table w/ sink &  side hand wash sink. 

  • Elongated wall shelf and under table 

  • 1 wall outlet hookup
    *If no one is using cooking station 1 and/or 2, cooking station 3 & 4 have priority to resume work on these stations. 


MAIN LINE Station 4

  • Convenient access to double full size electric convection oven

  • Prep table with small wall shelf and under table 

  • 45 Qt Hobart Vertical Cutter Mixer

  • 2 wall outlet hookups


MAIN LINE Station 5

  • Prep Table w/ wall shelf

  • Access to small prep table/bench 

  • Vegetable Cutter 

  • Convenient access to main line items. 



  • Deli Slicer

  • Juice Mixer 

  • Toaster Oven



  • Prep tables with convenient access to ice machine

  • Access to all available equipment