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Invest in your Physical Wellbeing & Support Your Community!

Fitness Arena participants staying fit on the exercise bikes

Fitness Arena Open Gym Hours @ HAS

Boost your wellness and uplift your community with Open Gym Hours at the Fitness Arena!

Every tax-deductible visit takes care of your health and funds vital youth services through DSAL's Free Community Rec programs.

We foster holistic growth, enhance residents' lives, reduce local crime, and fulfill social needs for a safer, brighter future for us all.

For just $15 a day or $75 a month, you can invest in your physical wellbeing, and empower community members with opportunities to build essential skills and shape their futures.

Kitchen renters preparing beautiful containers of food in the stainless steel shared kitchen

Know a Small Food Business who Needs a Kitchen?

Our commercial kitchen can be rented on a monthly or single-use basis for cooking/food production, packaging, or events & demonstrations, including personal cooking classes or group test kitchens.

Finding commercial kitchen can be a huge expense for small businesses, with high rent and long contracts.  This can make it hard for small businesses to get started or keep going. 

That's why Dig Deep Farms offers our commercial space for affordable rates - as low as $18/hr, or $160 for 10 hours per month. 

Spread the word!  Together we can support our small food business community members and a more resilient economy.

Join Our Team - JJC Womens Fitness Instructor

Coach Manny's Recent Experience with the JJC

Coach Manny's work with the Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) began with Unit 1, where he quickly got everyone excited to work out together.

Later he began work with Unit 4, aged 13 to 17. It was a stark contrast to the first group, as these individuals weren't as interested in traditional workouts. But Manny refused to give up on them.

He tried different approaches and discovered their love for basketball, which inspired him to combine his exercise workouts with their favorite sport. The group played basketball games with fitness challenges mixed in, ensuring everyone stayed active. This approach became a hit with Unit 4, and to this day, they continue the routine.

Though it differed from his original plan, Coach Manny learned the importance of changing to meet different needs, and putting the needs of the individuals in the group first. 

"As long as the mission is accomplished and we do the best we can to help these kids, we will always win the day!"

Illustration of a happy little planet Earth with a cool breeze sailing past

The Power of Regenerative Agriculture to Heal our Planet

Hello Earthlings! 

Earth Day celebrates our planet and our duty to protect it.

Dig Deep Farms uses regenerative agriculture at all of our locations. 

Instead of just taking from the Earth, regenerative farmers work with nature to make our soil healthier and keep it full of nutrients. This helps plants grow stronger and fights climate change by storing more carbon in the ground.

So, by using regenerative agriculture, we're not just growing food, we're also making our planet happier and healthier for everyone! 

Happy Earth Day!

Dishes created by La More farm to table latin catering and pop up

La More Kitchen - Farm to Table Latin Catering & Pop-Up

Antonio and Grecia at La More Kitchen, craft delectable, vibrant, and eco-conscious artisanal Latin cuisine that evokes the essence of home.

Drawing inspiration from their childhood in a quaint beach town in Mexico, they've curated a heartfelt menu that resonates with their roots.

Their passion lies in offering the community genuine, nostalgic flavors that transport diners to cherished memories of the past.

Muevete Participant  Angie Gonzalez stands proud in the sunshine

Muevete Participant Liliana Mejia is DSAL’s Athlete of the Month

Liliana Mejia is an integral part of our Muevete community, bringing her lively spirit and dedication to our dance group for three great years! 

She is always eager to dance and support her classmates - a true team-player! Liliana's persistence and commitment are truly admirable.

Through Muevete, she's found a joyful way to enhance her daily exercise routine.

She loves how dance keeps her healthy and fit, and appreciates how the program motivates mental well-being with healthy activity. 

We've always got room for new members if you are in need of fitness and community!


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