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Health and Fitness Positive Impact Report #3

DSAL Health & Fitness Positive Impact Report #3 cover page showing camaraderie amongst soccer participants on the field

DSAL provides a variety of safe, inclusive, free Health and Fitness programming, and develops infrastructure as investments into structured play - forces that shape futures and build communities.

This creates a foundation for a stronger and safer Alameda County according to the Community Capitals Public Safety Framework.

Alameda County Social Services Agency logo

Funder Spotlight - Social Services Agency & Health Care Services Agency

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency logo

Our funders are instrumental in our ability to sustain our food systems work, which addresses food and employment insecurity within our community. The impact of their support reaches far and wide, contributing to the stability of our local food supply chain and creating opportunities for employment.

With their help, we have been able to navigate challenges and continue our mission of ensuring a resilient and reliable food supply for all. Their commitment to our cause is a testament to the power of collaboration in tackling complex social issues.

Their support represents a collective commitment to creating positive change and fostering a community where everyone has access to essential resources.

SheriffsFC soccer team group photo on the new Sunset Futsal Courts
Girls SheriffsFC soccer team poses on the field with their coach
Boys SheriffsFC soccer team poses on the field with their medals and coach

A Heartfelt Parting with the Sheriffs FC Soccer Program

To Our Sheriffs FC Soccer Program Participants, Coaches, and Community Members,

It is with heavy hearts that we part ways with the Sheriffs FC Free Soccer Program, a program that has been a beacon of community spirit and inclusivity since the early days at DSAL. As we reflect on the journey we've shared, we are filled with gratitude for the positive impact that coalesced through this initiative, which will continue on through the intentions and actions of every individual that has been connected and lifted up through this programming.

To our dedicated coaches, we extend our deepest appreciation for your unwavering commitment and hard work. Your passion for the game and your genuine dedication to nurturing young talent have not only imparted valuable soccer skills but have also instilled important life skills in the participants. Your efforts have been instrumental in fostering a sense of camaraderie and discipline among the players which has created a stronger and better community for everyone. We are thrilled that you are continuing on with this incredible work and hopeful that the program will continue to evolve and grow under your dedicated care.

To the community members who have been part of this wonderful journey, thank you for your continuous effort. Your presence and involvement have contributed to the vibrancy and success of the Sheriffs FC program. It is through your active participation that we have been able to nurture a truly inclusive and supportive soccer community that makes our community better in so many ways.

As this chapter closes, we want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of the Sheriffs FC Free Soccer Program. Your contributions, big and small, have made a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. While funding limits our ability to continue this program, we carry forward the lessons learned, friendships forged, and the sense of community that has defined Sheriffs FC, and hope to see your familiar faces in our other free Recreational programming, including our other free Soccer programs.

We encourage each participant to continue embracing the values instilled through Sheriffs FC – teamwork, resilience, and good sportsmanship. The memories we've created together will forever hold a special place in our story.

Thank you to everyone for making Sheriffs FC more than just a soccer program. You've been a source of growth and community strength. As we bid farewell, we look forward to the next chapter of community programming and the continued support of each member who has been part of this incredible journey.

For questions, contact

Bay Area Bike Project and builders stand proudly with their youth bike donations

Empowering Bay Area Youth: 30 Bikes Found New Homes Through the Bay Area Bike Project!

Towards the end of last year, DSAL received a generous donation of 30 children's bikes courtesy of the Bay Area Bike Project (BABP).  This exceptional non-profit organization inspires and mobilizes individuals to embrace the power of cycling.

The workers at Cummins Sales and Service in San Leandro, where the BABP had their Bike Build event, assembled these bikes out of generosity for the community. These bikes became cherished prizes in a raffle for community members aged 8 and under at an Eden Night Live event, and were also welcomed by young participants in need, through DSAL's Health and Fitness programming.

Organizations that give back to our community are vitally important, and provide an opportunity for everyone involved to feel stronger and more connected.

We are grateful to for the opportunity to support a stronger community and help to distribute resources that make a positive difference in hearts and minds. When we work together, we are all better for it. 

Boxing participant Adalena smiles on the stage at the boxing gym where she trains

Boxing Participant Adalena Schilling

is DSAL’s Athlete of the Month

Adalena is a commendable student known for her hard work and perseverance despite chronic injuries. She wears a bright smile and is always ready to help others at the gym, making her a valuable member. Her inspiring perseverance and warm-hearted nature make her deserving of our Athlete of the Month title.

Over the past 7 years, Adalena has experienced positive changes in her physical ability and confidence through her participation in the program. Her favorite aspect is learning new skills and knowing that she is able to protect herself. Adapting to different workouts can present a challenge, but she embraces it as part of the learning curve and pushes through. She has gained stamina since joining the program and is now able to run three miles and feeling amazing afterwards.

Adalena has seen a reduction in neighborhood conflicts around the gym, and believes the program contributes to a healthier and safer community by fostering a calmer atmosphere. She also sees the programs role in providing a positive outlet for kids, helping them stay out of trouble and have fun in constructive ways.

We're honored by the opportunity to work with individuals like Adelena, as we continue to build a stronger and safer community together.


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