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Alameda County is safest with the
Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League


DSAL's approach to policing is guided by the Community Capitals Framework, which prioritizes strategic investments in natural, human, social, economic, built, political and cultural capitals of Alameda County. 

Find healthy food for your family, grow food for your business or volunteer to join the fight against food insecurity in Alameda County.

Participate in free, fun and inclusive sports, fitness, dance, or music activities. DSAL offers community-based wellness options for all ages and backgrounds.  

Stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 safety information, learn about vaccination options, sign up for free food delivery, or pick up free groceries at the Dig Deep Farms Food Hub. 


DSAL provides life-changing community programs and vital resources for our neighbors throughout Alameda County. 


Find a program and come say hello at one of our locations.

Visit our online portal at to enroll in our Food As Medicine wellness program, or purchase a CSA bag full of regeneratively grown and nutrient dense produce.  Your membership dollars help to support regenerative agricultural efforts, new and existing local farmers, and Food as Medicine participants and programming.  

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Image link that leads to the website where residents can get information on the Food As Medicine Program, or purchase a CSA Bag for pick up.
COVID-19 Flowchart for Parents with instructions for what to do if their child 1 - Has symptoms of Covid-19, 2 - Was exposed and is not vaccinated, or 3 - Was exposed and is vaccinated.
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