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Jose Rincon - OJT to Permanent Hire as a Substance Use Navigator!

Jose Rincon - OJT to permanent employment!

This month, we joyfully celebrate Jose and his remarkable journey!

He joined us as an OJT a year and a half ago and has recently secured a permanent position at Highland Hospital as a Substance Use Navigator - a testament to his perseverance and commitment.

Jose's story is one of early morning walks to DDF, fueled by the determination to shape a better future for himself. Through unwavering dedication and seizing the opportunity presented by DDF, he has transformed his life, and we couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments.

At Dig Deep Farms, surrounded by a community of hardworking individuals, Jose found more than just a job—he found a supportive environment that fostered personal growth. With guidance, camaraderie, and mentorship, he has maintained sobriety and built a new life - one where he can help others find their own paths to recovery and stability.

We have been witness to all his effort and dedication, so we are thrilled to see his incredible progress and think of all the lives he will help in his new career!

The Hellman Foundation

The Hellman Foundation: A Pillar of Support for DSAL and the Community

Our community's well-being is held up by pillars of support, in the form of our esteemed funders and partners, and we are especially grateful for our funder - The Hellman Foundation. Their contributions have been instrumental in enabling us to foster a healthier, more vibrant community in Alameda County.

The Hellman Foundation's support has been pivotal in our ability to provide healthy, locally grown food to families in great need. Access to nutritious food is a basic need, and with the foundation's help, we have met that need for many families in our community over the years, while also providing jobs and healing our environment with sustainable agricultural practices.

The foundation's generosity extends beyond feeding our community as well. By providing resources for this critical area, the Hellman Foundation has also allowed us to allocate other resources toward our free health and fitness programming. Accessible sports programs are essential in youth development, cultivating healthy minds and bodies within our community where a historical lack of resources has taken its toll on residents. These programs build strong, resilient individuals, connect community members, and teach formative life skills so everyone in our area can thrive.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Hellman Foundation for their unwavering support. Their contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of many, creating opportunities for a healthier and more connected community. Together, we are building a foundation of wellness that will benefit current and future generations.

Thank you, Hellman Foundation, for your dedication to making a positive impact. Your partnership with us is a testament to the power of community support and the difference it can make in the lives of those we serve.

An assortment of jars full of delicious treats!

Nice Jarz! Offering delicious treats perfect for any occasion.

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Visit their website to see more of their delicious options and get a quote for delivery to your party or event, even if it's just an indulgent snacking session!

Boxing Participant Andres Cruz smiles in the boxing gym

Boxing Participant Andres Cruz is DSAL’s Athlete of the Month

This month we have Andres Cruz as DSAL’s Athlete of the Month! This recognition is a testament to his strong work ethic and determination in our formative boxing program.

Andres has been part of our program for seven months, during which he has shown remarkable dedication and a relentless desire to improve. Through our comprehensive sports programming, he has found a path to personal growth and strength.

Andres thinks that DSAL’s program contributes significantly to creating a healthier and safer community by providing a way for kids to experience hard work and respect, which helps them develop into healthy adults.

He also values the program for serving as a release, giving individuals a way to process and let go of their anger. By offering a constructive outlet for energy and emotions, the program helps youth avoid negative actions that could get them into trouble.

DSAL’s health and fitness programs are more than just sports - they are a lifeline for many young individuals. They create an environment where youth can thrive, learn important life skills, and build healthy relationships and habits. This benefits the participants and strengthens the fabric of our community, making it safer and more resilient.

As we continue to celebrate more stories like Andres’s, and invest in the future of our community, we are working to provide opportunities, inspire positive change, and build a brighter, safer future for all.


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