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The DSAL Commercial Kitchen is a certified community kitchen dedicated to supporting new food-based entrepreneurs and small businesses in Alameda County.

By incubating new entrepreneurs, we are creating a network of integrated food businesses that improve access to healthy food, create jobs, build the local  economy, and enhance the lives of those in our community.

We have flexible rental options!

Rent on a monthly or single-use basis - perfect for testing new recipes, catering events, or scaling your operations.

We have a Food Truck! 
Rent our fully-equipped Food Truck to bring your culinary creations to various venues or events.

Parking for your own Food Truck is also available.

We have a community focus!

Join us in building a vibrant and interconnected local food ecosystem in Alameda County.

Learn more about renting our Commercial Kitchen, and find small business resources.


Fratelli’s Pizza and Catering

Authentic Neapolitan style Pizza

Fratelli’s Pizza and Catering.png

We are Fratelli’s Pizzeria & Catering, a family owned and operated business specializing in Neapolitan style pizza and Italian food reflected in the name “Fratelli’s” which roughly translates to “Siblings” in the Italian language, this blossoming new business was founded only this year by 4 siblings.  With each of our four owners having worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 30 years each, our experiences range from front to back of the house, and cover different foods and cultures from around the globe, giving us the skills to start our own business and share our passion for making food with the world.

Our family migrated from Mexico to San Francisco in the 1990s where we lived for a short time, but have since moved to San Ramon, California and have called this city our home for many years.  Our master chef Mauricio has been making all styles of pizza for more than 30 years.  His passion is in providing authentic pizza in the style of Napoli, or “Neapolitan style".  In the spirit of authenticity and providing the very best product for our customers, our flour is imported directly from Italy and our “secret recipe” dough is handmade from scratch, with each pizza made to order onsite.  

In March 2024, after having been founded only one month earlier, we competed in the Neapolitan Pizza category at the Las Vegas Pizza International Expo where he placed a respectable 25th out of 100 contestants. Next year after having been in business for a full year, we hope to place in the top 5.  Veronica, Maria and Claudia, the three sisters, are the heart  that makes Fratelli’s daily operations successful.

Come try our pizza, we look forward to meeting you!


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