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Dig Deep Farms is now managing Ardenwood Historic Farms!

Farm vegetables growing

Earlier this year, the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors approved a five-year lease for Dig Deep Farms to expand its urban farming operations to Ardenwood Historic Farms.

Dig Deep Farms, a social enterprise founded in 2010 by DSAL and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, is vital to Alameda County’s Local Circular Food Economy, a revolutionary effort to grow nourishing food, eliminate waste and pollution from the food system, and maintain local control of food production and distribution.

Dig Deep Farms and the Farms Food Hub provide services to create and support healthy community, including:

  • Create living wage urban farming jobs

  • Grow healthy produce for the County’s Recipe4Health program

  • Lead the County’s massive Food Recovery effort

  • Provide paid internships to youth

  • Support local food businesses, and

  • Work in partnership with the County’s probation department to job training and on-the-job experience for people reentering society after periods of incarceration.

Dig Deep Farms uses closed-loop farming practices to minimize waste and maximize nutrient density of the soil and produce. These practices are essential in our collective battle to repair and enrich the soil and the environment, to address climate change, and save our planet.

By volunteering for the Ardenwood Pumpkin Festival, you are supporting the growth of the Local Circular Food Economy and building a healthier, safer community for everyone.

To volunteer, email or visit DSAL’s volunteer page and click “Pumpkin Patch.” to learn more,


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