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"The Value of Being There for Others is of the Greatest Importance"

Ernie and his team serving lunches

Our services at DSAL and Dig Deep Farms are supercharged by generous volunteers like Ernie Lopez, a State Farm Insurance Agent in Castro Valley. Ernie recently wrote a letter to the Dig Deep Farms team on behalf of himself; his wife Sue, a Hayward-based Covered California Health Agent; Louise Lovewell, a Remax Accord real estate agent in Castro Valley; and their friends Marie Davies and Nathaniel Van Dyke. We are so grateful for their support - if you would like to volunteer or support us in any capacity as well, please sign up at the link below.

"Dear Dig Deep Team:

"I am Ernie Lopez, a local lifelong community member who has been donating lunches to the Dig Deep folks on Fairmont Drive in San Leandro since July 2020. My wife, three friends, and I have given lunches each Friday for a year and a half but reduced the number of lunches to monthly the past few months.

"We were all “sheltering-in” due to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in early 2020. Being a local, I saw hundreds of cars lined up for something every Friday on Fairmont Drive. Upon inquiring, I learned that the Dig Deep folks were providing the general public beneficial and much-needed food.

"I wanted to volunteer for this worthy cause of providing a basic need for others. I was told that they had plenty of volunteers at that time. I then asked if my wife and I could provide lunches for the Friday crew of approximately fifteen people for a few weeks, and Teddy agreed. We were happy to show community support for the good being done by the crew and volunteers every Friday.

"Knowing that local cafes and restaurants needed the business during the shelter-in-place period, my wife and I have used various establishments to provide delicious sandwiches, chicken, burritos, pizza and Mediterranean gyros. (My wife knows the good places to get lunches!)

"After a few weeks of being with the Dig Deep team, my wife and I got familiar with many of them and grew to respect how hard they worked and how well they treated each other and those they served with the food they were distributing. It was difficult to just say “goodbye and nice knowing you,” so we continued to feed the crew each Friday. Soon, our three longtime friends joined in: Louise Lovewell (her real name), Nathaniel Van Dyke and Marie Davies. We are all local community members for the past 50 (and more) years.

"All five of us agree that ZERO HUNGER IS THE GOAL! Food insecurity is a huge issue. There is a fight against hunger. Those of you at Dig Deep Hub are the local catalysts toward that mission. My wife, friends and I see it from the outside looking in when we see the Dig Deep crew working with a positive attitude of giving food with a smile and knowledge that we are all in this together.

"I was given food by the Dig Deep team to deliver to a household that I knew had a need. When I delivered the food, the lady of the house welled up in tears. There was no greater appreciation she could express to me - but she was ever so grateful to feed her son the fine food you provided for her. The next week, on Friday, I asked your team about that type of reaction and was told that you too have experienced that gratefulness and relief in giving to certain individuals from the hundreds of cars you serve each Friday. The past couple of years have been difficult for many households. You at Dig Deep make life a little more bearable for many, but a lot more bearable for more households than we may think.

"The pandemic opened us up as to what we are as a nation. The Dig Deep Food Hub team opens up the most positive aspects of who we can be here in the Bay Area. The value of being there for the need of others is of the greatest importance – especially this century.

"If you are part of the Dig Deep team, I applaud you and thank you for being there for our brothers and sisters in our community. You are service heroes who will always be remembered by those thousands of households you have served."


Ernie Lopez


U11 Boys State Cup Champions

Girls and Boys Soccer Teams Bring Home Trophies!

Congratulations to our Sheriffs 2010G team! Our first futsal season in the COPA Soccer Training Center was full of goals, skills, and most importantly opportunities to learn and grow. The girls worked hard, played smart, and were united from beginning to end.

We are grateful for Coach Angel & Coach Osvaldo as well as a supportive and positive group of families! On the team's success, Coach Angel said, "I am extremely proud of the girls as they have been working very hard all season. It is very exciting to see their hard work, discipline, and dedication pay off throughout our futsal season."

And kudos to our Sheriffs 2011B team! In the first NorCal State Cup since the return from the pandemic, the boys played with quality and technique and fought hard in every match. "We are extremely proud and honored to work with such a uniquely talented group," said Coach Chris following the State Cup victory.

The boys then followed up with a US Youth Futsal Regional title against a talented team from Los Angeles and then a US Futsal Northwest Regional title competing against a talented team from Portland, Oregon. Coach Chris said, "Sheriffs FC believes futsal is a key component to maximize development of our youth. We are grateful to ACDSAL for supporting our community in playing soccer & futsal!"

Follow the proud work we've been doing and find out about opportunities in your community by signing up for our newsletter.


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