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DSAL & Dig Deep Farms : Picturing A Year’s Impact

crates of rescued food

Together, we can create the future of public safety in Alameda County.

Each newsletter we send out has a “By the Numbers” section highlighting the impact of the efforts of our team members on the health and safety of our community. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 shutdown, we wanted to help everyone visualize in a more concrete and personal way what that impact really means.

DSAL’s Food and Wellness Efforts

March 16, 2020 to March 12, 2021

Prepared Meals Delivered to Seniors & Families by 30 vendors:


If each food container is about 4” tall, that would make a stack over 86 times the height of the Bay Bridge!

Bags of Groceries Delivered:


That amount is equal to putting a bag of groceries in every seat of the Oakland Arena —seven times!

Pounds of food recovered & delivered:


We recovered enough food to equal the weight of 18 humpback whales! That is all food that would have gone to waste and instead went to our neighbors in need.

Well-being check-ins made by DSAL coaches:


Reentry Internship and Driver Hours:


That’s enough hours to drive to Times Square and back over 78 times!

Fitness is medicine Online training sessions:


Attended in-person socially-distanced soccer & dance:


Children at the Canchitas Learning Hub:



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