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Community Capitals Policing 2022 Impact Report

What a difference a year makes!

DSAL and ACSO set out 17 years ago to design a new approach to public safety, called “Community Capitals Policing”. We recognized that traditional methods of policing weren’t sufficient to repair the deeply rooted challenges—poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, chronic disease, and mental and behavioral health—in Ashland, Cherryland, and other underserved, unincorporated Alameda County communities. Our systems-level approach focused on making investments in the seven community capitals (human, cultural, built, financial, natural, social, and political) that are necessary for a community to thrive.

Our “2022 Community Capitals Policing Impact Report” provides a summary of our efforts In 2022 to strengthen the community through a range of community-driven activities that are improving health, alleviating food insecurity, healing the environment, building economic opportunity, and creating new pathways for community members to succeed.

We are deeply grateful to the partners, funders, staff, and volunteers who joined us on this journey.

Ribbon Cutting of one of DSALs murals

Table of Contents


A rainbow of colorful produce painted on the We Grow Medicine mural

A Universal Approach


Evolution Timeline

2022 Impact Timeline

DSALs Integrated Food System

DDF & Food Hub

The Hub

County Infrastructure Feeding Families

Funder Spotlight - Kaiser


Food As Medicine Partners

Food Recovery

Food Recovery Partners

Safe Stable Jobs upon Reentry

On the job trainees

Health and Fitness

Healthy Activities

Muevete keeps dancers healthy

Boxing participants

Sheriffs FC

Rec Soccer participants

Civic Infrastructure

Building Community Efficacy

12 Murals Created

5 Rec Spaces Created

Government making a difference

Our Government Parnters


Community Capitals


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