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Alameda County is safest with rhythm. 


Rhythm Cadets Drumline (RCD) and Rhythm Cadets Pathway (RCP) are two pieces of an innovative musical education program that uses music, rhythm and discipline to build life skills and access to DSAL's wrap around service offerings.

RCD operates in the community and provides a free drumline program that welcomes all skill levels and provides each student with a personalized plan to not only learn drumming, but also a diverse set of life skills including: confidence, discipline and resilience.

Both programs are free and open to youth ages 8-adult and accept new participants year round. 

RCD Schedule - Sundays 1pm  (1 hour virtual  or 2 hours in person when we return to live rehearsals)  

Private lessons available by appointment.

RCD is located at First Presbyterian Church 2490 Grove Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546

The Rhythm Cadets are proud to endorse and use Zildjian Cymbals and Vic Firth Drumsticks exclusively



As a pillar of artistic expression in Alameda County, RCD and RCP are filling a massive gap in community services for youth and young adults to find a safe, inclusive musical community. 

RCP and RCD are specifically designed and proven to meet the unique needs of justice-involved youth and those living in neighborhoods with high rates of incarceration by using a marching, rhythm, and drumming musical education curriculum that builds social-emotional learning skills, provides a re-entry pathway to a healthy community, and aims to reduce recidivism.

RCP operates within the juvenile justice center, and provides a seamless re-entry path from incarceration to stability. Students will have the opportunity to continue drumming with RCP at the Hayward Adult School when they are released on probation, and as they progress through the HAS program, they may have the opportunity to perform and work in the entertainment group.

The program not only addresses a dramatic lack of music education and social-emotional skill development opportunities for incarcerated youth, but also provides safe, character building opportunities when eligible for release. 

As a part DSAL's Community Capitals strategy, drumline contributes the social cohesion and community trust that leads us to a safer Alameda County.