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Partner Spotlight: DSAL Salutes Systems Innovator Dalewyn Spinks

Dalewyn smiling in a light blue suit jacket

The impacts of poverty, underinvestment, and neglect in the communities we serve are deeply entrenched. Positive change demands an all-hands-on-deck approach combined with strategic, long-term investments in the future. It requires county agencies, nonprofits, and funders to collaborate in fresh and innovative ways. Creating better systems is complicated work, but the truth is that one person—one systems innovator—can make all the difference.

Dalewyn Spinks, Facilities Maintenance Manager at the Hayward Unified School District, is a true systems innovator.

Dalewyn helps make it possible for DSAL’s fitness and recreation services to take place at the Hayward Adult School (HAS). He provides DSAL with wide ranging support from extending our memorandum of understanding with HAS and working with us on COVID protocols to keep everyone safe to finding space for kids to play soccer and getting new keys for us when we need them. Dalewyn also played a vital role on the planning committee for the recent HOPE, REPAIR, DREAM event.

“Dalewyn is extremely easy to work with. He listens, he does a very good job of communicating, and he’s receptive to people’s ideas and responds in a way that doesn’t compromise the school district’s needs, said Edwin Weathersby II, Director of Athletics & Recreation, DSAL. “It’s clear that Dalewyn respects our cause. He cares deeply about the community, about the kids, and about helping people.

“When we needed a place for youth to play soccer, Dalewyn made it happen,” said Hilary Bass, Crime Prevention Sr. Program Specialist, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. “This is what it looks like to have a partner who is not only eager to collaborate, but willing to think outside the box to solve problems. You don’t come across people like this every day! Dalewyn is a true systems innovator, and we are grateful for his partnership.”


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