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Dig Deep Farms CSA Bags Available Now at Kaiser Permanente Farmers’ Markets!

Dig Deep Farms is proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente to offer fresh, healthy, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce bags at all four of Kaiser’s East Bay farmers’ markets, starting the week of January 23, 2023.

Order online, pick up in-person:

To order your Dig Deep Farms CSA bag, visit, click the “ORDER TODAY” button, purchase your bag, and then pick it up at the location nearest you.

What’s in season now?

CSA bags include a rotating assortment of regeneratively-farmed fruits and vegetables grown and harvested just for you.

Healthier you, healthier planet!

Fresh, local, sustainably grown produce is healthier and more nutritious than store-bought produce. And because Dig Deep Farms uses regenerative farming methods without pesticides, you’re not only supporting local farmers; you’re also helping to revitalize depleted soil, reduce carbon emissions, and save the planet!

Help farmers earn a living wage.

CSA bags give residents a chance to support local farmers and help Dig Deep Farms pay its workers a living wage with benefits.

Eating more fruit and vegetables is part of good health.

That’s why Kaiser Permanente hosts farmers’ markets outside their medical centers and clinics. Anyone can visit the Kaiser Permanente Farmers’ Markets, but Kaiser patients can pick up their prescriptions and CSA bags on the same trip. Visit Kaiser’s website to learn more.

(Coming Soon!) Dig Deep Farms delivers!

Soon,, will include the option to have your weekly CSA bag delivered directly to your doorstep! Fresh, healthy meals made by local small businesses at the Dig Deep Farms Food Hub’s commercial kitchen will also be available for delivery!


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