Alameda County is safest with exercise. 

Fitness Pathways offers youth the opportunity to develop life skills, build healthy habits and make friends, through exercise. Participants will learn how to safely exercise, use gym equipment and structure a workout. 

Fitness pathways is also a great starting point for those hoping to join DSAL recreation programs with waiting lists. 

Fitness Pathways is located at the Hayward Adult School: 22100 Princeton St, Hayward, CA 94541

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We believe that Ex(ercise) is Rx. 

A safe and healthy Alameda County must include neighbors who move together. Regular exercise can help reduce both long and short term health risks, and help build habits for lifelong health. 

Fitness Pathways and DSAL's alike exercise classes, address the social determinants of health as well as utilize a familial program structure that encourages pro-social behavior and community cohesion. 

By strategically placing fitness programs in underserved areas, and building community, DSAL is creating a safer community, one workout at a time.