In forgotten spaces, DSAL sees the potential for a thriving community. 

DSAL continually takes on projects that revitalize vacant and dilapidated spaces with community centers, urban farms, safe spaces to play and artistic projects. Each project provides a vital community service that creates economic opportunity and enriches the lives of the Ashland and Cherryland areas. 


DSAL’s most ambitious project to date created a multi-purpose urban village on East 14th Street. Downtown Ashland Station combines a public market, play space, futsal courts, performance space, a Family Resource Center, and a substation for Crime Prevention Unit Deputies. This space provides:


  • More safe public spaces for sports, recreation, family activities, the arts, and social gathering for children, older youth, and families

  • Parenting classes and resources for families who can then better support their children’s development

  • Jobs for youth and young adults in food service at the public market, as activity leaders for younger children, and as facility staff at community events



Hayward Adult School occupies a former comprehensive high school campus which has vast expanses of unused space, both indoor and outdoor. 


With the staunch support of the Hayward Adult principal, DSAL built a boxing gym and a brand new Fitness Arena that provide ongoing fitness mentors,  a menu of dance and fitness classes, and a Spanish-speaking Residents’ Academy.


The Boxing and Fitness Pathways program provides a safe, inclusive space for young people each week to develop healthy habits.

boxing adult school.jpg


Healthy food is medicine. 

​Founded in 2010, Dig Deep Farms grows healthy vegetables in the Alameda County communities of Ashland, Cherryland, and San Leandro. Our mission is to improve health and wellbeing in the Eden Area by creating jobs, reducing recidivism through re-entry internships and making fresh, locally grown food accessible to all.

We currently have about 8 acres of urban farm space, with four urban farm parcels.

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REACH Youth Center is the product of 10 years of community input that began with the FYI (Furthering Youth Inspiration), a youth group of ages 11-18 that met weekly to discuss challenges facing Ashland and Cherryland. After thousands of interviews the biggest requests were a youth/community center, and safe, productive activities for everyone

Up until REACH's doors opened, youth in the community drove the development, planning and programmatic offerings to ensure the center refelcted the needs of Ashland and Cherryland.